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Certified UHPC Distribution

Let Premier UHPC be your Ultra High Performing Concrete solution provider.

No matter what you are building Premier and its Teaming Partners can serve as your dedicated resource for securing UHPC for your next concrete construction project. Our high-strength and durable concrete, developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is currently being used to build or maintain bridges, field-cast connections for PBES, security structures, pier pilings, highways, airport runways, and more. Cor-Tuf UHPC adds strength, durability, and more to every concrete project, increasing the longevity of structures. Our Teaming Partners work with engineers, contractors and structure owners on individual projects. This ensures that a personal “boots on the ground” relationship, and a high quality control level, will meet or exceed client’s expectations every time. Premier Cor-Tuf can also create customized mix designs to meet the specific strength demands of your project. Our unique constituent blend delivers exceptional durability, safety, resiliency, and energy efficiency.

America is growing at a superior rate again, although a lot of our seaports, marinas, seaports, space testing facilities, and space launch areas need a face-lift. Cor-Tuf is the perfect choice for these applications due to its capabilities against saltwater, 24/7 usage in the harshest conditions, and the extended life span of our products.
Cor-Tuf® UHPC is the ideal replacement for standard concrete in just about any and all applications. UHPC is particularly beneficial in the following applications of traditional concrete:

Turbine/engine testing facilities
Airport facilities
Airport Runways/overlays

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