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Certified Distribution though Teaming Partnerships

Premier UHPC is your resource for securing a batch of Cor-Tuf UHPC for your next concrete construction project. Our certified Team Partners are your direct source to this high-strength and durable concrete developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Ideal uses for Cor-Tuf UHPC include bridge maintenance and repair, field-cast connections for PBES, security structures, pier pilings, highways, airport runways, and more. Cor-Tuf UHPC adds strength, durability, and more to every concrete project, increasing the longevity of structures.

Customized Mix Design

Cor-Tuf is sold as a turn-key solution through a network of Channel Partners and Facilatators that haul, mix and test Cor-Tuf UHPC on-site. Our certified Channel Partners sell directly to engineers, contractors and structure owners for use on individual projects. This ensures a personal “boots on the ground” relationship and a high quality control level that meets or exceeds client expectations. Our team of professionals can create a customized mix design to meet the specific strength demands of your project. Our unique constituent blend delivers exceptional durability, safety, resiliency, and energy efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.


America is growing at a superior rate again, although a lot of our seaports, marinas, seaports, space testing facilities, and space launch areas need a face-lift.

Premier UHPC assist with these efforts with a reliable product. Cor-Tuf® UHPC is the perfect choice for these applications due to its capabilities against saltwater, 24/7 usage in the harshest conditions, and the extended life span of our products.
Cor-Tuf® UHPC Infrastructure Uses Cor-Tuf® UHPC is the ideal replacement for standard concrete in just about any and all applications. UHPC is particularly beneficial in the following applications of traditional concrete: Piers Seawalls Ports Launchpads Turbine/engine testing facilities Airport facilities Airport Runways/overlays Benefits of Cor-Tuf® UHPC precast: Increased energy efficiency Acoustics Increased durability Minimal to no maintenance Diversity in design expression Repetitive precasting (faster production time) Consistent high levels of quality control Variety of finishes on load bearing and non-load bearing components Fireproof Architects can design thinner concrete elements, improving the architectural appearance of their work. High modules of elasticity (MOE) which can be in the 7,500 ksi range High tensile strength compared to normal concrete UHPC has a higher bond strength to steel reducing the size of a concrete placement needed to bond concrete elements. Structural elements can be smaller and more lightweight compared to those made with normal concrete UHPC eliminates capillary pores making it impervious to water and salt penetration without sealing the surface. Extremely low shrinkage making it perfect for non-shrink grout UHPC transfers even the finest relief from molded surfaces resulting in more ideal architectural concrete pieces.

INNOVATIVE APPLICATIONS Some of the more innovative ways this new concrete technique is being applied include: Replacement of seawalls Retrofitting of existing piers and new pier construction Retrofitting of existing ports and new port construction Retrofitting of current rocket launchpads and new launch pad construction Construction of fireproof turbine and rocket engine testing facilities Airport terminals and Airport runways.

Blast Resistant SIP Panels
Premier UHPC SIP panels provide a combination of high strength and superior energy-absorbing capacity against blast and ballistic penetration.

The characteristics of this material make it suitable for a number of security and safety-related uses, including: Protection from debris impact from tornadoes and hurricanes Thin concrete armor panels for vehicles and fixed structures Inexpensive ballistic armor Blast-resistant panels Fragmenting munitions protection Forced entry-resistant structural elements Bank vaults Armored protective enclosures

We provide Certified Facilitators with the manpower and machinery needed to deliver and pour your customized batch of Cor-Tuf UHPC on the job site. We make it easy for you to use this innovative concrete material, so you can create stronger, more durable structures.

Project Financing

In todays new lending landscape opportunities abound for private capital to fill the vacancy left by stricter banking regulations and high government deficits. Helping companies and municipalities finance infrastructure projects with creative solutions can be a key differentiator when securing new projects.
Premier UHPC, as your concierge, can help you secure financing and our team of experts will take you through the technical issues, the capital structuring issues, the marketing issues, the waterfall calculations and other profit-sharing opportunities. You will be provided information on how to address SEC and state blue-sky securities laws.
You will be advised of the expense and time required and we will help you navigate in an area of real estate and infrastructure development that little has been written about and many mistakes have been made.

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