In today’s marketplace, the practice of innovation isn’t just about creating new products, It’s about discovering completely new markets that meet previously unknown and therefore untapped customer needs.

In the construction industry, innovation becomes an even greater challenge, awash in a sea of regulations. Therefore the drive toward selecting and executing the right ideas and bringing them to market before your competitors takes on an urgency to insure your success in the years ahead.

 Premier UHPC is working hard with Channel Partners to develop new products that will make Cor-Tuf your building material of choice and help provide the world with a stronger, cleaner and safer environment.

 If you have ideas on how to use UHPC to make improvements in the way things are made or want to explore new markets for UHPC, please give us a call. 954-650-6798

Fortifying Our Infrastructure

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Cor-Tuf Housing

The world is desperately in need of being able to quickly build housing that can withstand hurricane force winds and other types of extreme weather conditions.  Cor-Tuf floating foundations and Cor-Tuf walls and roofs are a great solution for that need.

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 World- Class Partners

Precasters and Manufacturers

Dura-Stress, Inc.

Dura-Stress is the largest single plant manufacturer of precast/prestressed concrete products in the southeastern United States.  Not only are they the leading manufacturer, they also produce the greatest variety of precast/prestressed products.

Dura-Stress has been a pioneer in the development of prestressed concrete components since we began operation in 1949.


LBM Research Associates

LBM Research Associates provides concrete solutions to the world. Through our Exclusive Partnership with Cor-Tuf® UHPC we are able to provide unmatched concrete technologies to many of the security disciplines used to fight counter-terrorism with a wide range of applications both public and private.

Strict Quality Control

LBM Research Associates follows strict quality control measures to ensure our products meet standards of excellence. We are committed to helping contractors, engineers, architects, counter-terrorism officials, government agencies and other professionals understand the many benefits Cor-Tuf® UHPC brings to projects, as well as the new and innovative uses Cor-Tuf® makes possible for concrete.


     Security Products

Planter pour



Smart Walls

 Smart Walls are an innovative solution created to provide protection for critical infrastructure (hospitals, utilities, airports, etc.), municipalities located on lakes, rivers or streams with recurring floods, and businesses and individual homeowners subject to flooding. The Smart Walls fit within the existing landscape and do not obstruct the existing views or significantly impede the use of the surrounding area.

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