Cor-Tuf Premier UHPC- is working with partners to help solve problems unique to coastal cities

The world is desperately in need of being able to quickly build housing that can withstand hurricane force winds and other types of extreme weather conditions.  Cor-Tuf floating foundations and Cor-Tuf walls and roofs are a great solution for that need.

  The Problem


The Vission

The Solution 




World-Class Alliances

Precasters and Manufacturers

Dura-Stress, Inc.

Dura-Stress is the largest single plant manufacturer of precast/prestressed concrete products in the southeastern United States.  Not only are they the leading manufacturer, they also produce the greatest variety of precast/prestressed products.

Dura-Stress has been a pioneer in the development of prestressed concrete components since we began operation in 1949.

Cor-Tuf UHPC is proud to formally announce a partnership with Precast Systems Engineering.

This collaboration allows for new, innovative progress in ultra-high performance concrete development and application.

JP Binard, PE, President 



Teaming Partner:  WALO USA

WALO USA Active in the heavy civil construction industry since 1917



Teaming Partner: LBM Research Associates

LBM Research Associates provides concrete solutions to the world. Through our Exclusive Partnership with Cor-Tuf® UHPC we are able to provide unmatched concrete technologies to many of the security disciplines used to fight counter-terrorism with a wide range of applications both public and private.

Strict Quality Control

LBM Research Associates follows strict quality control measures to ensure our products meet standards of excellence. We are committed to helping contractors, engineers, architects, counter-terrorism officials, government agencies and other professionals understand the many benefits Cor-Tuf® UHPC brings to projects, as well as the new and innovative uses Cor-Tuf® makes possible for concrete.


     Security Products

Planter pour



Teaming Partner: Smart Walls Construction

 Smart Walls are an innovative solution created to provide protection for critical infrastructure (hospitals, utilities, airports, etc.), municipalities located on lakes, rivers or streams with recurring floods, and businesses and individual homeowners subject to flooding.  Smart Walls fit within the existing landscape and do not obstruct the existing views or significantly impede the use of the surrounding area.



Teaming Partner:               Zaff Hi-Tech Group, Inc.

                                                                                              Saudi Arabia

Zaff Hi-Tech Group, Inc. is a subsidiary of Zaff Group company in Saudi Arabia with active involvement in the field of Safety and Security, Communication, Training, Gas Monitoring, Contracting, Environmental Services, Engineering, Supplies, Maintenance, Consumer Products, renewable Energy, Mining and Consulting Services having offices in Riyadh, ZaAl-Khobar, Jeddah, and USA.

Zaff Group Vision

Zaff Group Chairman’s vision is to contribute to the economic prosperity and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC region by providing high quality and superior products and services to the people, thereby achieving solid financial success and continuous growth.

Zaff Group’s Mission

To serve the market with exceptional products, and professional services, by creating a sustainable and compelling value proposition that includes an expanding customer-base, joint venture partners and government and private organizations.

Zaff’s portfolio of various holdings has always been adaptable to where it realizes its largest business and economic opportunities are Zaff’s intention is to make each subsidiary and JV company invest to become leaders in its sector or field, and to ensure this they follow a golden rule or business strategy:

  • Identify a product or service that is required in the region in order to meet unfulfilled demand.

  • To establish a solid financial base including strong local partnerships.

  • Acquire the latest technologies, techniques, and methods by forging joint ventures or engaging in technical or representation agreements with international groups.

  • Adhere to rigorous quality control systems and standards operating procedures.

  • Utilize only the most professional people and make sure they are up to date with the latest management skills.

Contact: Mr. David M. Razmara 703-932-2724    Saudi Arabia  +966 50169 7996

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